I liked the opportunities that I saw in a smaller, merit-based company that emphasized individual contribution and growth

I like the sense of trust and independence that I receive from the leadership. Though my engagement isn’t typical, I enjoy my position and the lack of micro-management really allows me to build client relationships and contribute in a way that best suits the client. The diverse nature of the engagements and the opportunity to work in any sector, and not be pigeon-holed to one particular industry certainly differentiates UMT from other companies. I have been able to independently explore various projects at my client that build on several skillsets and challenge me in new ways.

My Story

I studied Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University, and then received by M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University. I began working for UMT in June 2013, and have been at the same client since.

Though I have only been on one client, I have worked on different projects and have received a diverse experience. I was born in Belarus and moved to the US when I was 5 and grew up mostly in New Hampshire. My strongest skills were always in math and science, and I’ve developed a strong analytic ability as well as a penchant for organization and planning. At UMT, I have been able utilize my background in health science as well as my organizational and analytical skills working in Project Management in the Healthcare sector. I was also able to develop a white paper with some colleagues that spoke to data presentation within that particular sector.

Value Creation

I am most proud of my current project because it is allowing me to contribute to the development of a new team, and take part in the operational and strategic decisions needed to make this team a reality.

Recently, I was able to help put together a budget plan for 2015 for three departments within the new function that is being built out. After many iterations, meetings and planning sessions, the budget came together and was approved by all parties involved. In a company where budget is being drastically downsized, this was a challenging yet rewarding feat, and I was personally thanked for my contribution by the client.