I joined UMT for three main reasons.

The family friendly culture; talented colleagues with diverse backgrounds; and opportunities to interact directly with clients while finding solutions to their challenges are all important aspects of a career for me. I feel that the combination of these three things fosters a work environment where innovation is truly appreciated and growth potential is unlimited.

My Story

I received my MBA from Rice University, then became a senior consultant in the Houston, TX, area with UMT.

I joined UMT after having worked in the energy industry as a consultant to several Fortune 500 clients. Since being at UMT my consulting work has been focused on the utilities sector, working with a large electric and natural gas delivery client. I also support UMT’s recruiting efforts by serving as a regional lead, organizing and participating in recruiting events with universities, professional organizations, and industry conferences.

Value Creation

I have had the opportunity to design a solution for my client that adds value to their annual planning process by equipping senior leaders with the ability to visualize the impact their decision-making has on their long-term capital plan and corporate strategy.