I joined UMT because I was impressed with the quality of people and the energized working environment.

I really like the opportunity of working with multiple organizations as it is constantly pushing my creativity and knowledge to new levels while solving real world business challenges. During my years working in UMT I have come to appreciate the continued emphasis on innovation and personal growth. It is a great place to advance your career while getting exposed to multiple facets of the business.

My Story

Before joining UMT I was a freelanced graphic designer and a web developer working with multiple organizations.

I also served in the Israeli Air Force and have experience as a quality assurance lab technician in the chemical industry. I joined UMT as a technical consultant and have advanced to a technical manager in just a few short years. In my daily work I get to contribute on multiple projects and play a critical part in the solution architecture and implementation. I also take time to participate in internal UMT initiatives such as mentoring and training.

Value Creation

I get the greatest pride and satisfaction when a client is using the solutions I design and get to see the value materialized.

I have worked on many projects in UMT – mostly in the pharmaceutical industry. In the past year I have helped in creating new reporting models that give our clients true visibility and insight into their business processes and practices. To me it is one of the most important aspects of my work because it contribute to the organizational transparency which in turn will lead to better operational processes.