I was looking for a consulting firm where I could make real and lasting impact for my clients, and where I could contribute to the culture of the firm as well.

UMT is a dynamic firm, full of smart and ambitious people looking to make a difference and provide value to their clients. Our work is cross-disciplined in the sense that we get to work in strategy and operations. I enjoy that very much because I get to see the implementation of strategy come to life and help my clients adopt methods into their overall process.

UMT was an easy choice and is an exciting place to join given the dynamic nature of the work and the fascinating people that I get to work with.

My Story

I have always had a passion for business and my background, albeit unorthodox, shows that.

My education background is grounded in Business and Strategy; I obtained my Bachelors in Science at the University of Maryland, College Park in Marketing (Go Terps!) and my law degree in Business Law from UCLA School of Law. After law school, I decided to attend Columbia University to pursue a Business Certificate with a special focus in Marketing and Financial Strategy. I have had a passion for business and complex problem solving since I was in high school. Where I see a problem, I try to find a solution to it.

Before college and law school, I actually helped run a multi-cultural television show with my father while I was in high school. That experience shaped who I am today, where I truly got to meld together the creative arts with real-life business problems and see how to come upon creating innovative solutions.

Post-law school, I practiced law for two years in Washington D.C. and Maryland, and then decided to get into Strategy and operations. I worked at a global advertising agency in New York City with a special focus on Marketing Strategy for two years before coming to UMT. When I joined UMT, it was important for me to gain experience in seeing how implementation and strategy come together.

Value Creation

One of the projects that I truly enjoyed leading was creating and implementing a strong resource management process for the manufacturing arm of a large Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company.

Not only was I given the opportunity to lead, but I was really able to connect with my clients and understand what their interests in resource management were. At the end of the engagement, I was able to deliver a model that helped clients with immediate and long-term forecasting needs as well as training other members of staff to ensure adoption of this model. Being able to be a part of the change process for my client was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had.