UMT’s leadership in Project and Portfolio Management interested me greatly and the type of engagements that they carry out made it a very appealing place to join as a consultant.

I feel like you are given every opportunity to grow and there is a lot of importance given to developing your career. The company culture at UMT is great, there truly exists an open door policy with senior management and you have a lot of mentorship available to you.

My Story

I come from an engineering background, I completed my undergrad in Industrial Engineering in India and followed that with an MS in Operations Research from Columbia University in New York.

Project and Portfolio Management fit well into my background and I interviewed for a role as a Business Consultant in UMT when I was still in grad school. I joined the company as soon as I graduated. For the past year I’ve been with same client, UMT values long term engagements and my project is a prime example of that. It has been a great experience so far, while the work is challenging it is great to be given so many opportunities to lead and I can definitely see how that has made me a better consultant.

Value Creation

At my current project, I’ve been able to do some great work with Schedule Management.

I was given the opportunity to lead developing the schedule management capability for my client and have taken it from concept to implementation. My solution has fine-tuned the Schedule Management process for the client and it’s been great to see it in practice in their organization.