The Difference

Process, Organization and Technology

At UMT, we espouse an inquiry-based, problem solving approach to our management consulting with a holistic focus on the fundamental business dimensions of Process, Organization and Technology. We operate at the enterprise and divisional level, typically supporting the line of business, IT or both. Our solutions are able to drive positive, meaningful change by drawing on a broad set of capabilities that transcend pure IT implementations.

Self-contained teams

We deploy self-contained teams that collaborate closely with the clients’ and include dedicated solution architects with strong technical capacity. This enables them to solve technical problems in real-time which greatly improves issue response time and increases agility so that high quality solutions can be delivered on time and on budget.

Horizontal focus with Vertical expertise

While we are foundationally aligned to a core set of capabilities focused on the functionally horizontal, role-based space of  Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management, our success in delivering relevant solutions to clients also draws heavily from our deep knowledge and expertise in an array of key vertical industries. This allows us us to speak our clients’ language, view opportunities and challenges from their perspective, and implement successful PPM frameworks that are rapidly adopted within their organization.

PPM Best Practices Framework

Our proprietary Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Best Practices Framework, which promotes implementation consistency and predictable results, is continuously evolving through the assimilation of the innovation and creativity invested in every new engagement – effectively allowing us to embody “nanos gigantum humeris insidentes” (standing on the shoulders of giants.)