Portfolio Management

Effective portfolio management helps guide an organization to choose and maintain a portfolio of projects that’s right for it.

Companies are challenged to invest in the right initiatives that maximizes return, enables growth, and creates a balanced resource utilization and risk-benefit profile.

Defining strategic objectives and identifying projects with maximum alignment to the strategy and executing those projects with effective resource utilization are critical success factors of a successful portfolio management process. An effective portfolio optimization practice provides for project intake, periodic evaluation, and regular review. When all of these function together, the organization’s portfolio can operate at a regular, predictable pace, and allowing for common and fair evaluation of projects. When combined with regular, up-to-date portfolio information, the organization can also proactively respond to major events or strategic changes quickly. Portfolio optimization requires mastery in Portfolio Management, Financial Management and Status Reporting and Performance capability areas.

UMT is an innovator and leader in the portfolio optimization space, with over 25 years of experience. UMT’s “Create, Select, Plan, Manage” methodology is recognized as a top framework in the portfolio optimization space, and has shown measurable and long-term benefits in research analyst studies. UMT’s consultants are experts in helping organizations define projects the right way, find the best value criteria, and deliver a portfolio of projects that can change along with the organization’s circumstances and needs.

Selection Management

Selection management is the art of intaking the right set of projects. It provides clear justification and value proposition for all projects, and ability to align portfolio to corporate strategy, assess cost and resource constraints and create a portfolio with affordable risk.

UMT is a leader in the portfolio management area. It has created and implemented portfolio management processes and tools with in number of Fortune 500 companies.

Financial Management

Effective portfolio optimization requires strong PPM financial discipline. Processes and tool must be implemented to develop accurate and timely financial estimates. Tools must be capable of performing scenario analyses to evaluate different options and determine the optimum portfolio mix.

UMT understands that the importance of financial management capability. UMT developed the UMT360 financial management tool to provide superior financial management functionality.

Status Reporting and Performance

Timely, accurate and targeted status and performance reporting is important to successful portfolio optimization. Effective and timely Status reporting provides a central, standard status of the organization from individual task to corporate strategy, and Eliminate productivity waste by removing redundant Team Member update meetings.

UMT works with clients to create solutions that transparently expose the most critical elements of project status and performance to key stakeholders, assessing performance, enabling advance identification of potential problem areas and monitoring portfolio spending.