Achieve your strategic priorities with better IT portfolio management, strategic planning and large scale project and program management.

Multiple pressures are converging – meeting the requirements of the healthcare reform law e.g. implementing EMRs, increasing cost transparency, accepting new patients entering the system due to new-found coverage via the health insurance exchanges, changes in payment model from fee-for-service to fee-for-outcomes model, as well as decreasing reimbursement for several critical services (e.g. pathology, radiology.)

These pressures are leading to tremendous challenges for the health system in the US, compounded  by continuous restructuring and M&A among hospital systems and medical practices, shortage of well-qualified physician and nursing staff in many under-served areas of the country, are all adding to the issues these systems need to address effectively.

IT systems are becoming a core strategic investment for health systems, with several large provider networks investing billions of dollars recently to develop their EMR systems. Management of strategic IT portfolio is an absolute necessity for hospital and health systems. Similarly, being able to operate efficiently and effectively and execute on strategic projects, managing resource bottlenecks, improving integration with medical practices and other systems as a result of M&A, are all priorities for hospital executives today.