Financial Intelligence

Poor success rates and failure to realize the planned business value from project portfolios has many executives questioning the value of PPM.Projects are business investments and, as such,it’s critical that PMOs elevate the importance of financial insights and business value to allow them to understand the economic impact of under-performing projects and take corrective action to maximize ROI from their portfolio.

 The Challenge: Where Has The Money Gone?

Every organization needs to manage their finances to effectively provide products and services through the successful delivery of projects. In today’s economy, organizations are under pressure to reduce or at least maintain budgets, which has resulted in sharper scrutiny of discretionary investment and in turn increased the importance of effectively controlling costs across the project lifecycle and tracking the resulting benefits. The competitive advantage of a company hinges upon its ability to make decisions to execute investments that provide the most value subject to constraints, and to provide full transparency around the investment’s costs and benefits.

The Solution: Financial Governance Framework at the Project and Portfolio Level

UMT experts can use their experience across hundreds of companies to help define governance and project and portfolio financial management processes that are right for your organization’s business goals. We help our clients gain visibility and control across all demand to help executives to effectively evaluate competing investments and select a portfolio of projects that will maximize ROI and align with strategic priorities.
Working with your team and drawing on our vast knowledge base, UMT’s best practices combined with innovative UMT products can optimize how your organization makes decisions on project and portfolios, plans and budgets projects and portfolios, and monitors and tracks costs and benefits. We can help you identify streamlined and consistent processes to identify new opportunities, plan the costs and estimate the benefits, and establish standardized tracking and management practices that give visibility and control over the execution of those investments.

The Platform: UMT Project Essentials

In order to get the most out of your project and portfolio financial management process, UMT recommends a single platform that brings efficiency, standardization and insight into your organization’s financials. UMT experts will help you deploy Microsoft Project Server and UMT Project Essentials, configure the solution to support your unique governance and financial management processes and provide valuable financial intelligence that will allow you to make better decisions in a more agile manner.
In gathering all this information in a consistent and ongoing fashion, UMT can help you gain valuable insight into your business. Through our experience defining reports with executive teams, we can help you understand the costs driving the organization, the benefits that result from the investment decisions, the alignment of the decisions with business objectives and the value that you are realizing from those decisions.
Resource Management Capability Area

Understanding utilization of resources within an organization is a critical first step that can enable the identification of resource availability. As work demand fluctuates, up-to-date availability information proves useful in understanding how and when resource demand can be met. When high-level resource information is transparent, decision-makers have the information that they need to make critical decisions, whether those decisions involve how much work to undertake, or how to grow the organization’s resource availability in the future to meet their needs.

UMT has partnered with different types of organizations of all sizes across industries to set up resource management capabilities and help mature the organization from resource assignments, to resource utilization, demand planning, and capacity balancing.

Schedule Management Capability Area

Schedule management increases the organization’s confidence on the delivery timing of investments and also allows the organization to identify impacts to different geographies, markets, business areas, etc. which is crucial in Resource Planning. As the capability matures, project managers are able to incorporate past schedule information to improve future planning.

UMT has a proven portfolio of approaches to schedule management across different industries, including IT delivery, capital investment, and new product development. Schedule management is never one-size-fits-all – UMT consultants deliver solutions that speak the language of the organization, easing adoption across the organization. These solutions provide a firm foundation for schedule management to both deliver value quickly and to grow as an organizational capability in the future.

Estimating Capability Area

The ultimate goal of accurate estimation is to decrease costs by increasing predictability. Continuously improving estimates also decreases the costs of incremental delivery while increasing work productivity by leveling the workload and reducing waves in resource demands. Estimation expertise, like many other capabilities, is best built up iteratively – and a solid, well-adopted base of resource and schedule management will create a virtuous circle with estimation, allowing for the organization to mature and deliver to a higher standard over time.

UMT works with clients to provide an accurate picture of their expertise at estimation, and then uses a data-based approach to help deliver roadmaps to improve over time. UMT’s expertise at delivering solutions across a range of capabilities helps clients understand what to measure, how to understand the trends they see, and how to build organizational capabilities that help them execute more reliably and predictably.