Developing Leaders

Our success is built on high-performing teams of leaders and co-leaders who deliver exceptional client service.

Thus, at the heart of our mission is both individual and team development. UMT Institute, our education arm, delivers training to new recruits and team members on an ongoing basis. Principle training objectives include strengthening our consultants’ operational competencies, developing exceptional consulting skills, and sharing knowledge across UMT’s core PPM disciplines and capabilities.

UMT Institute

Training at UMT is an ongoing, collaborative effort. Each fiscal quarter, team members are invited by UMT Institute to share innovative solution approaches and subject matter expertise. Our trainers continue to support UMT consultants while they are in the field.
Boot Camp
Our 3-week Boot Camp for new recruits fosters a multi-dimensional learning experience. As you grow into a UMT consultant, you will gain Project and Portfolio Management tool expertise, a comprehensive understanding of UMT methodologies and best practices, and exceptional consulting skills. Though the Boot Camp sessions are facilitated, participants are challenged to think critically and independently as well as to work efficiently and effectively with peers through a variety of team-building exercises.
Knowledge Management
The knowledge of our UMT consultants is our most valuable asset and a key enabler to our firm’s growing success. As our consultants blaze the PPM trail for clients and gather field expertise, we share discoveries amongst the broader team and enhance our organizational knowledge. Our evolving Knowledge Management program reflects the value that we place on knowledge and the educational resources that we provide for our team.
Knowledge Management

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