Global pharma reduces costs and risks with Integrated Portfolio Analytics

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Integrated Portfolio Management (IPA):

Top 10 Global Pharma Reduces Manufacturing Costs, Supply and Risks with IPA.
Manufacturing Division Improves Resource Allocation and Investment Returns by Implementing a Common Planning and Execution Model for Projects & Portfolios

UMT’s client, the manufacturing division of a Top 10 Global Pharma supplying around a dozen products, was tasked with reducing supply and compliance risk, while decreasing manufacturing costs. Delivering on these goals by successfully investing in process improvement, asset and supply risk reduction projects was hampered by the fact that only 10% of the division’s 3,000-person workforce across all functions could be allocated to these goals. This relatively small group was further stretched thin by un-planned issues or regulatory responses and additional projects introduced through a myriad of channels such as new products, technology transfers, capital investments, and manufacturing changes – addressing regulatory commitments, production volume changes, and other goals – and all competing for these limited resources with little to no standardized evaluation, comparison, prioritization, or analysis of impact.