Our Team

UMT is comprised of an extraordinary group of professionals and their passion to pursue excellence in all that they do.

When you join UMT, your teammates’ initiative and drive will encourage your personal achievement and guide you toward a successful career. Our unique team culture offers an opportunity to partner with a diverse network of well-respected colleagues and leaders who are committed to client success and personal fulfillment.

We actively recruit the best and brightest from top educational institutions throughout the world, as well as from the most prestigious corporations and management consulting firms. From the moment you start at UMT you are thrown into a learning environment, building upon your ability to think strategically and form solutions for clients in a methodological manner. This includes a series of skills and tools that are critical to your success as a UMT Consultant.

There are no limits or established time-frames for how quickly you can grow at UMT. Because we pinpoint strong leadership qualities in all our hires, we have built a competitive, yet supportive, culture that rewards success with additional responsibility and visibility. In short, our continued success is directly related to the strength of our internal team.

Let’s be honest. It’s not easy to secure a position with UMT. It’s also a challenging work environment. But the advantages of a career in management consulting are great and UMT will reward that hard work and success throughout your career.

Hear from some members of the team...

…as they share what it means to be hired and work for UMT.
Milena Beshkova – SVP

Pablo Munoz-Prieto – Manager

Artem Koren – SVP

Gil Makleff – CEO

Peter Iovino – President

Tom Malfi – Partner