At UMT, we always strive to recruit people with exceptional talent.  We train them to have every opportunity to excel and create individual and team success.  We’re committed to making UMT a place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.  Our focus on inclusion and diversity helps us to build strong teams, generate new ideas and create effective solutions for our clients.  By creating an environment where each person is recognized and valued, we become a firm that can be greater than the sum of our parts.  It’s this focus that makes UMT stand out as a leader and employer of choice among management consulting firms.

UMT’s Diversity and Inclusion program helps employees build new relationships, share expertise and receive valuable insights.  This lies at the core of UMT’s values and provides our clients and employees with the most dynamic and supportive team available. Our clients expect innovative solutions to complex business challenges.  UMT has a competitive advantage in that we can offer ideas and solutions that stem from a diverse consulting base from 30+ countries to provide the solutions they seek.

At the heart of UMT’s diversity program is our focus on identifying the best talent available and embracing the differences that makes each of us unique.  Diversity is one of UMT’s greatest strengths.  We recognize that talent and experience can come from all walks of life and contribute to the culture of success that drives every UMT employee.  The collaboration that takes place within these diverse teams is the catalyst to what makes us achieve greater success for ourselves and, most importantly, our clients.