Your flight has been cancelled

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4-30 cancelled flight
The impact of efficient resource management on customer service

While relaxing at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport very early on a Monday morning, I was startled when I felt my phone chime and vibrate with a text message.  I wasn’t expecting to hear from anyone and was curious who was trying to get hold of me at so early in the day.  Pulling my iPhone from my pocket I found a message from the airline stating that my flight had been canceled.  I was a bit surprised, because my flight status was shown as “On Time” and there were no weather issues (not uncommon in a Chicago winter).  The reason given for the canceled flight was that there was not a crew available.

Having recently spent time working with a client on their resource management solution, I couldn’t help but think that just maybe, with an efficient resource management system, this mishap could have been avoided.  For an industry that does not have a stellar reputation for customer service (see this Forbes magazine infographic) better executed resource management could potentially help prevent some of the issues that lead to delayed and canceled flights and contribute to customer headaches and dissatisfaction.  With an enterprise resource management system in place, the airline likely would have been able to identify the resource shortage early on, and subsequently find a replacement resource or, at the very least, give passengers like me advanced notice that the flight had been canceled, allowing them to make alternate plans.  Organizations may have all the pieces in place- a strong strategy, talented employees, and available resources, but without proper resource management, these may lay to waste causing under or over utilized resources, or worse, an adverse impact on their customer experience.

How has inefficient resource planning had an impact on your day to day life?