UMT Continues Support of Women in Tech

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4-23 wit
Last month, a couple of us attended and participated in the Johnson Women in Technology Conference.

The event, led by MBA students at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University was sponsored by around 15 firms, including UMT, Deloitte, Intel, and Google. It featured a roster of impressive speakers from leading organizations discussing key topics:

  • Renee E. Ducre, Global Director of Marketing, IBM Social Business, and Jennifer Dulski, President and COO of gave keynote addresses; the former on the empowerment of women technical leaders, and the latter on the positive impact of female leadership in tech businesses.
  • A “NYC State of Tech” address given by Johnson’s Dean, Soumitra Dutta, and Cornell’s Dean and Vice Provost, Dan Huttenlocher, described an overview of a novel experiment – the Cornell Tech graduate program where students study at the intersection of business and engineering principles to be relevant in a culture of rapid technological change.
  • The “Driving Change Within your Organization” session featured panelists from UMT, Koombea, Deloitte, Amazon, and Intel, and focused on branding oneself, change management, increasing diversity, mentorship, and personal failures and lessons learned.
  • Another panel titled “What’s Next: The Future of Technology” featured experts from StyleSage, CommonBond, Google Ideas, Accenture, and Emerson and was centered on the injection of technology in politics, healthcare and retail and fashion. Predictions were made as to which technologies, ranging from wearable electronics to BitCoin, would see greatest growth in the next few years.

Overall, this was a good forum to network, engage in stimulating conversation about the role of women in technology, and hear industry leaders’ reflections on women as key players in the shaping of the contemporary, ever-shifting technological market.

-Kitu and Milena