Thoughts on Ebola and identifying the best candidates in Texas

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As our South Practice continues to grow, UMT’s ability to identify strong talent in the region is gaining ground.

Recruiting in Texas these days might seem like a form of punishment considering all that is happening with the current Ebola scare, but I am here to tell you that my trip to Austin, through Dallas, was peaceful and uneventful. There were a considerable number of people in the airport wearing surgical masks and always the quick, nervous glance at anyone who coughs, but everything seemed to go smoothly. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Lone Star State and look forward to returning in two weeks.

Texas is a hot-bed of bright, professional MBA talent and my recent trips to the Jones School at Rice University and the McCombs School at UT-Austin seem to bear that out.

One of the best questions I was asked came after my McCombs presentation when one of the students wanted to know about how we develop our employees into respective specialties or a focused knowledge-base in Change Management, Demand Management, etc. One of the best (and toughest) aspects of being a consultant with UMT is our ability to focus at an Enterprise level and deal with client issues that span all disciplines. There are no Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at UMT. Does that make our roles more challenging? Absolutely. But we are looking for those individuals who can manage a career that involves an enterprise focus for our clients. I met some great Texas talent that I’m confident could meet that goal.

With UMT’s continued growth in the region, I would expect additional trips over the next few months and also expanding our reach to other graduate programs. I remain confident that no hazmat suits will be required (cough cough).