Team Building can be Cheesy

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8-4 cheesy
From Brie to Morbier, an office filled with delectable dairy makes everyone smile!

Our NYC office’s inaugural Wine and Cheese Friday kicked off with a diverse selection of fromage and a perfectly paired set of two wines selected to complement. The space was transformed from a quiet workspace of consultants, laser focused on their laptops, to a cheerful (smelly) social gathering. Gone were the sounds of clicking keyboards, which were in turn replaced by the sounds of laughter, clinking glasses and debates of turophilia.

In actuality, the event wasn’t about the fine fare; it was about creating an environment where fellow consultants could get together and build stronger relationships. Relationships built on a foundation of good food and drink increase the unity amongst the team and strengthen the ties that bind us together as a company.

What can we learn from the gathering?

Don’t forget to stop and smell the Cheese (or is it roses?). While the immediate benefits of a team building event may be somewhat vague, the long term benefits are undeniable. High powered teams have more than just ‘mental horsepower’ – they have a connection, a cohesive element, and ultimately an inherent team mentality that has to be cultivated over time.

So, as the Cheese and Wine event came to a close, the tastes of the day faded, but the comradery and friendships will continue to grow into the future.