Summer Interns Actually Having Fun?!?

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9-1 summer interns
All too often, a summer internship program can get characterized as mundane or coffee-mission-driven. The feedback we got at the culmination of our inaugural summer program proved otherwise.

This year, we held our first 10-week, summer associates program. While the participating interns’ educational background varied widely – from MBA or other advanced degrees candidates (the majority), to a couple of undergraduates –  a common thread binding the cohort’s experiences was revealed during a culminating debrief session.

Held at the end of the 10th week of the program to gather reflections from both interns and UMT team members who partook, the session revealed that interns collectively felt a great sense of responsibility and team inclusion during their relatively short stay.

One of them, who worked in our South region with a major oil and gas client, commented that he “was expected to deliver at the same level as a consultant, which he appreciated.” Another mentioned, “I was able to see almost all the stages of a project, and although out of sequence, this helped me truly understand the work that UMT does.” A third intern pointed out that the program offered a good balance of participating in an account-based team as well as the broader regional team. “I got to pitch in and give opinions on other projects that I was not even working on directly,” UMT interns were also welcomed to the company’s summer off-site in Fort Myers, Florida – another highlight mentioned in every intern’s feedback.

Equally important, the debrief session served as a feedback channel for managers and an opportunity for them to publically acknowledge the value that their respective interns delivered through the program. Augmented by a 90′s hits play list and delicious pizza from Adrienne’s on Stone Street, the session cultivated additional camaraderie between interns and UMT team members and served as a strong finish to a successful program.

To UMT’s 2015 interns: cheers to a great summer, and an immense thank you for all your hard work! Looking forward to next summer.