Standing (Inn)ovation

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1-27 standing ovation
​A celebration of passion, collaboration, evolution and creativity that helps drive competitive business leadership and growth.

When was the last time you felt so excited and moved that you jumped out of your chair to celebrate? Was it an extraordinary theatrical performance that brought you to your feet? Maybe you were watching your favorite football team score the winning touchdown and you just couldn’t contain your applause (I’m sure this happened recently with all the Seattle Seahawk fans out there.) Regardless of the last memory you have ‘standing in ovation’, we all know that joyous, overwhelming feeling very well.

At UMT, we are that passionate about innovation.

Innovation is the spine in every one of the solutions we’ve delivered to clients over the past 25 years and is a core value we’ve leveraged to differentiate against others. It’s embedded in our DNA and manifests through thought-leadership, industry experience, capability experience, strong collaboration along with a little bit of imagination and a lot of creativity.

Our brand of innovation leads us to solve business problems utilizing an existing framework and focusing on improving our client’s existing processes rather than recreating them entirely. It’s through evolution rather than revolution that we help drive competitive business leadership and growth. For that, I am standing (inn)ovation.

We believe that the more you collaborate, the better the innovation process and the longevity of your solution. Our team of managing partners has over a century of combined project, program & portfolio management (PPM) experience and a similar amount of combined time working together. But we look to all our consultants, at all levels of seniority, to bring their experiences and leadership into the process. For that, I am standing (inn)ovation.

In 2013, UMT experienced the tragic loss of a senior leader, Bjorn Walberg, who passed away unexpectedly. Bjorn was a natural innovator. He understood the means to facilitate ideas, listen to others and think about the possibilities.  In his memory and in celebration of our culture, we instituted our annual “Walberg Innovation Award” presented to a team of consultants working together on a client solution that stands out. This year, we had eleven teams submit entries representing many different geographies, industries and best practices (stay tuned for future blogs on all 11.) For that, I am standing (inn)ovation

Suffice it to say, we celebrate innovation every day at UMT. Our clients stand (inn)ovation for the creative ways we promote their growth. Our team stands (inn)ovation for its peers’ dedication to the innovative spirit.

What do you stand (inn)ovation for?