[From the CEO] Thank You and Happy New Year

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12-23 gil
On innovation, teamwork and amazing opportunities at our doorstep

Our company recently held its year-end holiday party at the Tribeca Rooftop in New York and it was wonderful to see what an amazing team we have. UMT has changed and grown so much in the past twelve months, with regional teams expanding and gaining excellent traction in local markets, while still maintaining an amazing focus on delivering value at the account level and fostering core industry strengths.

Highlighting the evening was the 2014 Bjorn Walberg Innovation Award, in memory of a dear friend and colleague that embodied everything we stand for at UMT and sadly passed away in 2013. The winners had provided our client with a cutting-edge resource management solution that was actually based on theories pioneered by Bjorn. All of this year’s candidates were especially impressive – thank you to the submitting teams.

The prior day, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with all of our consultants in an interactive, off-site session. It was extremely exciting to talk to people about our vision anchored in supporting the latest program/portfolio management office (PMO) trends and to hear the audience respond and echo that excitement. The mainstream adoption by Fortune 1000 companies of Enterprise PMOs as an organizational tool to help effect transformation more efficiently and effectively is a fantastic opportunity for us to capitalize on our strengths, provide even more strategic value to our clients, and drive amazing growth for our company.

Looking forward to 2015, our focus more than ever is on maintaining excellence and quality delivery as we grow. There are many initiatives afoot in the company to ensure that happens, including the continued efforts of so many individuals on the team to refer and mentor new hires, promote diversity, support knowledge sharing in the company and communicate our thought leadership over the web and elsewhere.

Congrats again to award winners and promotion recipients, and a heartfelt thanks for our team’s hard work and our clients’ continued support.

Enjoy the holidays with your families, and here’s to an amazing 2015!