UMT's Support for Global Literacy

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6-2 global literacy
Volunteering in Atlanta

Earlier this year, UMT’s Southeast Region and Utility Vertical team spent the afternoon volunteering at “Books for Africa” in Atlanta, GA.  The team sifted and sorted about 5,000 pounds of books – with topics including health and biology, advanced math and science, software tutorials, and children stories and lessons.  The books were organized into manageable shipping boxes and stacked on pallets – each destined for a different region in Africa.

The event allowed us to literally roll-up our sleeves for some heavy lifting, work together to improve some of the warehouse’s logistics and operations, and provide the Books for Africa staff some unexpected humor! Other than a few paper cuts, the volunteering and team building activity was a huge success, for a very worthwhile cause.

Books for Africa has a straightforward mission: To end the book famine in Africa. However, achieving that goal takes tremendous coordination, and is heavily reliant on volunteers and financial donations.  In the last 12 months, the organization has shipped 2.6 million books valued at $35 million to 27 African countries.  To supplement the books, 223 computers were shipped and 11 brand new law and human rights libraries were started.  If you would like to support the Books for Africa cause, please click here.