Federal Round Table

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Federal Round Table
For those working within the Federal Government, continuous improvement represents many different and oftentimes more complex challenges.

For those of us employed by a large organization, being consumed by the day-to-day responsibilities of our job is just a part of life. If we aren’t careful, reality becomes more about “how things are done here” rather than “how things could be improved”. We are all aware of this and have heard this many, many times before.

In the public sector, insular thinking can be even more pervasive and processes more difficult to alter or change. Departments, Agencies and Offices are massive with budgets eclipsing the revenues of large corporations. “How things are done here” can very easily become a standard way of operating just to ensure that the operations don’t slow down or come to a screeching halt. When is there time for continuous improvement of critical thinking to explore ways to streamline or evolve current operations?

One of the ways that we’re working with the Federal Government to improve collaboration across Departments, Agencies and Offices is through periodic round table events. The idea was born from The Department of Education (DOE), a long-time client of UMT. The DOE is very focused on continuous improvement within their portfolio management practices and comparably interested in what other areas of the Federal Government are doing. It made perfect sense for UMT and DOE to work together to create the Federal Round Table events and ensure their success, as education and information sharing are core principles of our individual enterprises. These open-forum events allow those leading large program and portfolio management areas to step away from their current environment and take time to learn how others with similar responsibilities are addressing the same challenges and objectives. Possibly the person across the street, at another Department with similar responsibilities, can provide valuable insight and guidance.

UMT Consulting Group is using the personal interaction of a round table to allow those within the Federal Government to share what is working, what is not working and create the opportunity for those who wish to learn from others to do so. If you have interest in being a part of a future Federal Round Table, please contact Kurt Foehl @ 610.247.5455 or by email at kurt.foehl@umt.com.