Why on Earth Would You Want to Be a Management Consultant?!

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1-20 career
In traveling to various top-ranked universities throughout the country to recruit for UMT, management consulting is always one of, if not the most popular career aspirations for upcoming graduates. Why?

The students I meet represent the best and brightest the world has to offer. Graduating from these universities offers them vast opportunities to pick and choose many lucrative and rewarding career paths. It would be very easy for many of these students to opt for a corporate position that affords them an administrative assistant, a cushy office, normal working hours and a chance to see their family every day when they return home. Which often makes me wonder, why on earth would they choose to enter a profession that has no office to call your own, no admin support, 5AM – 9PM hours (rather than 9-5) and an irregular home life? Where is the value in a management consulting career?

The answer to this question lays the groundwork for whether or not the student is serious about this pursuit.

The key word here is ‘career’. Management Consulting is not a stop-over on your way to an industry or corporate role. It takes dedication, focus and a commitment to learn. It is a unique path that gives you the opportunity to solve key strategic client issues using focused methodologies. You’ll play a key role as an entrepreneur, innovator, manager, relationship builder and, most importantly, leader. If you have the mindset to put the client’s good before your own, then you are more than halfway to succeeding as a Management Consultant.

So, tell me, why do you want to be a Management Consultant?